SG61 with "white flaw at base of neck" (BW88(12)h)

SG77 with "top frame broken left of crown" (BW89(15)g)

SG77 with "cut lower frame" (BW89(16)d)

SG77 with "retouched SW corner" (BW89(17)k)

SG77 with "broken upper frame at left" (BW89(18)g)

SG77 with "white flaws in King's hair" (BW89(19)k)

SG77b with "HALEPENCE flaw" (BW89(22)i)

SG82 with "wattle line" (BW77(4)f)

SG82c with "Flaw under neck" (BW77(4)h)

SG82d with "RA Joined" (BW77(4)j)

SG83 with "ferns" (BW78(4)ia)

SG83 with "NY joined" (BW78(4)m)

SG84 with "two white flaws on roo's shoulder" (BW90(17)f)

SG84 with "white flaw over kangaroo's head" (BW90(17)h)

SG84 with "notched NE corner" and "notched NW corner" (BW90(17)na & o)