SG386 with "two green dots under 5c" (BW448e)

SG387 with "white dot in U of AUSTRALIA" (BW449e)

SG391 with "white spot below coral" (BW453e)

SG391 with "white spot below coral retouched" (BW453ea)

SG393 with "black dot over U and break in branch" (BW455i)

SG395 with "horizontal white line over bird" (BW457, Mc5)

SG399 with "void in shading from hair to top frame at right" (BW461f)

SG404 the upper stamp with "pale lips" (BW467f)

SG404 the bottom stamp with "spot on last A of AUSTRALIA" (BW467g)

SG406 with "retouch over AL" (BW470e)

SG407 with "short H in CHRISTMAS" (BW471e)

SG408 with "shot hole in bow of ship" (BW472e)