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Welcome to the ACSVID

Update: It is with great regret that I must close down this site on 30 June. I can no longer justify the cost of running the site with few visitors each month. My time has also become restricted. To the 42 visitors who took the time to subscribe, thank you, and I will email you directly

The Australian Commonwealth Specialists Catalogue (ACSC) is the primary resource for collectors of Australian stamps and varieties. High resolution colour images help collectors to correctly identify varieties, and I hope that this site will be useful for that purpose.


The database is a constant work in progress, and will be updated as regularly as time allows. 


For easy reference I have used both the Stanley Gibbons and ACSC numbering systems,  the stamps being listed by SG number within each year. In addition, for decimal varieties not listed in the ACSC, I will refer to David McLeary's superb "Australian Decimal Varieties" 7th Edition, with the abbreviation Mc. I will also show transient and unlisted errors that may be of interest. Clicking on an image will enlarge it. If you require a better image of any variety, contact me and I will try to assist.


Subscribing is free, and will ensure you receive updates on new uploads. Many varieties are available for purchase on the Global Philately website.


The database is free to use, and I hope to keep it free of paid advertising. If you find the site helpful, please consider making a donation, which will help develop the database and keep it online as a permanent resource.


Dave Sheridan

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